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Are you registered to vote in Quebec? – Montreal

MONTREAL – There have been many anecdotal reports circulating of Montrealers concerned because their names weren’t registered to vote on the election list.

Quebec’s Chief Electoral Officer is encouraging Quebec residents over the age of 18 to check their voter information cards to make certain that their names appear correctly.

Voters can also make sure they’re registered to vote by visiting the Election Quebec website here.

The website requires the correct information, including the exact legal name of the voter, or it turns out a negative response.

Quebec residents checking to see if they’re eligible to vote need to make certain they’re using correct details.

Chief Electoral Officer

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Brenda Fayerman told Global News that she couldn’t understand at first why her children weren’t eligible to vote after checking on the website.

“At first my kids’ were not there. Couldn’t understand why not. Then figured out that their middle names had to be included,” she said.

“The website looks for an exact match on the name even though the date of birth and address match!”

Quebecers have until March 25 to add their name to the voter list or register a change of address.

There will be another revision period held from March 26 to April 3.

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