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BLOG: Morning News Rewind – March 17 – Saskatoon

Wedding day makeup tips, protecting against power of attorney fraud, Cupcake Conspiracy and St. Patrick’s Day were all featured on the Morning News for Monday, March 17.

Jessica gets some wedding makeup tips

There is so much to keep in mind when you’re getting married, never mind what’s trending in bridal makeup!

Holly showed us three fantastic looks this morning, all keeping with the natural look and focusing on skin, not lips not eyes, but skin.

My sister is getting married soon, and needless to say I learned a thing or two about bridal makeup for her wedding.

Kevin learns how to protect against power of attorney fraud from anti-fraud expert Brian Trainor

Today’s focus as part of Fraud Awareness Month was power of attorney fraud.

I had a relative idea of the concept but was still inclined to ask, largely because I couldn’t believe what I ended up hearing … the mere idea that family members would willingly take over assets and then greedily stuff them away for personal use to the suffering of a parent or loved one staggers me.

Who can you trust, if not family?

It’s a touch of the Irish for Melissa at O’Shea’s

Spending time at O’Shea’s Irish Pub this morning reminded me of the years I spent working at an Irish Pub back in Toronto. It was always one of the most overwhelming days of the year but the most fun.

Today I had a chance to learn about the Irish culture in Saskatoon. Daniel mentioned that his family was one of the first in western Canadian to introduce green beer. Now years later the trend is still a staple St. Patrick tradition in Canada.

If you haven’t tried a Guinness today is the day to indulge in one of Ireland’s most beloved exports.

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Joelle and Jessica square-off at Cupcake Conspiracy

Jessica and I had a hankering for baked treats, and immediately one of the first places we thought of was Cupcake Conspiracy. The shop, located downtown, is an oasis of pastels, ombre cakes and delicious cupcakes made in-house.

For St. Patrick’s Day, Cupcake Conspiracy has creatively-concocted cupcakes designed by its senior baker, Martine. Her ingenuity is amazing, and it shows in the final result! One thing to note about Cupcake Conspiracy is that it is proud to be completely nut-free. Being a person with peanut allergies, I’ve had my fair share of sulking in the corner while people indulged in delicious desserts. I’m not ashamed to admit I had a mouthwatering cake pop and cupcake for lunch!

One more interesting fact: Cupcake Conspiracy is under the new ownership of Shahid Dewji. She tells us she is already blown away by Saskatoon hospitality, and is excited to be a part of the emerging business scene in the central prairies. Today Jessica and I talked to Shahin and Martine about the businesses’ new features, and then learned some icing techniques as future “employees” of the store! Jessica took the cake for esthetics, though if you want speed, I’m your girl!

This was a fun shoot; I recommend heading to Cupcake Conspiracy before they sell out for St. Patrick’s Day.

Jessica and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News