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Photos show unpredictable nature of Winnipeg weather – Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – It’s time for Greg MacKay’s annual St. Patrick’s Day weather photo, for which he may or may not don suitable footwear.

When the temperature soared to an unseasonable 19.2 C on March 17, 2012, MacKay commemorated the event with a photo of his bare feet in his green backyard.

The weather was so lovely on March 17, 2012, Greg MacKay took this photo of himself relaxing in his Winnipeg backyard.

Submitted by Greg MacKay / Global News

The next year, the temperature plummeted to an unseasonably cold -27.8 C – and MacKay decided to reproduce the barefoot photo, this time in his snow-covered backyard.

Greg MacKay’s feet got a little chilly when he reproduced a March 17, 2012, photo a year later — with snow on the ground.

Submitted by Greg MacKay / Global News

His girlfriend combined the two photos and submitted them to Global News for the Your Manitoba weather feature.

“I just put the two together and we always watch the news,” said Pam Petznik, so she sent them in.

When the photos were posted on the Global Winnipeg Facebook page, they went viral, racking up thousands of shares and many more views.

MacKay plans to take another photo this year and to forward it to Global so it can be shared with viewers again.

“This year, of course, it’s even worse,” Petznik said, referring to the couple’s backyard in the West End. “There’s lots of snow back there.”

Despite the snow, the temperature is a little closer to normal, with a forecast high of -2 C. The normal high is 0 C and the normal low is -10 C.


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