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WATCH: Sharon Corr continues her musical journey with ‘The Same Sun’

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TORONTO — Sharon Corr’s musical journey wasn’t finished when The Corrs — comprised of Sharon and siblings Andrea, Caroline and Jim — disbanded in 2006.

The group released five studio albums, including the chart-topping Talk On Corners, co-produced by Canada’s David Foster. In Canada, they had hit singles like “Breathless” and the Fleetwood Mac cover “Dreams.”

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“Nothing in me said stop and I knew I had more to do,” Corr said Monday during an appearance on Global’s The Morning Show. “I really wanted to find out who I was as a musician and a singer-songwriter on my own.”

Corr, 43, is on the road promoting her second solo album, The Same Sun.

It’s something she can do thanks to the support of her husband, lawyer Robert Bonnar, who stays home with their children Cathal, 7, and Flori, 6.

“I couldn’t pretend that it’s easy but I am doing what I love and I’m happier doing that,” Corr explained. “When I’m at home I’m full-on 24-hour mom and they get all of me and they get me happy because I know I’m doing what I need to do as well.

“I have a husband who is incredible. He gets it completely.”

Do her children understand what she does?

“They thought every mom did this. They’ve only ever known me performing and singing and that’s just what mommy does.”

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Corr said writing songs on her own hasn’t been difficult.

“I go through periods where I’m very prolific and I go through dry patches — and I let them happen,” she said. “If I’m relaxed and I don’t think too much it’s way easier. It comes out naturally, especially lyrically.”

Corr said she doesn’t think about creating radio singles.

“That comes across false,” she said. “What people want to hear is the truth and it’s not the truth if you’re trying to design something.”

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