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Water woes gone but not forgotten – Lethbridge

LETHBRIDGE- The City of Lethbridge is back up and running after last week’s water emergency and boil water order.

The health risk for Lethbridge water is over and city officials say despite the smell of chlorine, the water is perfectly safe to consume.

But after last week’s local state of emergency and boil water order, some are asking why the city issued the boil water order in the first place.

“There is always people who will second guess what was done, but I’m confident it was the best possible decision,” says mayor Chris Spearman.

Municipal leaders did face some criticism on social media for the boil water order and local state of emergency.

These comments were posted to mayor Chris Spearman’s public facebook page:

This tweet was sent to the City of Lethbrige on 苏州纹眉学校:

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Dana Terry was one of the incident commanders for the city during the local state of emergency. He says, with such depleted water levels because of the high consumption, the city had to make public health it’s number one priority, “If we did have a fire, we used all that water up, it’s too late to put on a boil water order at that point because the dirty water is already there.”

The City of Lethbridge used Facebook and 苏州纹眉学校 to share information, but say even with so many sources to spread the word, a state of emergency takes time to share.

“We’ve got a large population that is not on those types of media and it creates concerns for us. When we try get the word out, we can get it out to a lot of people but not everybody,” adds Terry.

Despite criticism on social media, residents Global News spoke to said the city did what was best for residents.

“I think they did a really good job, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” adds one local resident.

City officials say an operational review will be conducted in respect to water quality management with the city.

The City of Lethbridge wants to assure the community that the water remains safe to drink.  Due to the river conditions, treatment includes higher than usual amounts of chlorine which is noticeable and expected.  The different taste and odor will continue for several days.

If you have any health related questions, contact Health Link Alberta toll free at #1-866-408-5465.